Culture Story

Culture Stories

Pilot Season being filmed.

Culture Stories is a television series showcasing the vitality of Indigenous Cultures. It is broadcast nationally on the PBS affiliated channel FNX – First Nations Experience, with a broadcast reach surpassing 65 Million households across the country.

New episodes of Culture Story are currently in production. These stories highlight the history of participating tribal nations, communities and community members with a showcase on where they are today, where they have come from, and the interconnectedness of tribal stories and knowledge.

These episodes will premiere on FNX's fall line up 2020. Prior to that, parts of the shows will air as webisodes.

Featured communities include Navajo Nation, Crow Nation, Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska, Tsimshian Nation, Fernandeño Tataviam Amarin, Chumash, Tongva, Tigua, Maya, Hopi, and more.

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Crow Fair 2018

The Culture Story of Crow Fair 2018 is currently aired as an intersitial nationally on FNX and is most representative of the vision for our storytelling.

This is just the beginning of filming Culture Stories for FNX and beyond.

We are so excited to be doing this very important work of highlighting the vitality of Indigenous Cultures today, and preserving our cultural knowledge.

"Our Why"

In Alyssa's words

We do this work because we are passionate about cultural preservation and sharing the vitality and vibrancy of indigenous peoples worldwide. It is important that Native people have a platform for their stories to feel represented and included in mainstream media, but also for educational purposes.

Non-Native people should also have the opportunity to properly learn about the roots of this nation by learning about the original stewards of our lands and cultures. We need to communicate to viewers that we are strong, resilient and present. We are their neighbors, teachers, students, peers, colleagues and friends.

We have chosen the art of cinematography as a medium for viewers to be directly embedded in our stories and to live our experiences firsthand. Conveying our messages through beautifully captured video imagery will enlighten and educate the viewers through sight, sound, and information.

Alyssa London native Indian executive coach


Alyssa London - Culture Story host and producer
Alyssa London
Co-Producer & Host

Alyssa London, is an American Indian Tlingit, which is an Alaska Native tribe from Southeast Alaska. Alyssa pursues her love of performance and storytelling, native culture, art and entrepreneurship through her brand Culture Story.

Frank Blanquet - Culture Story producer
Frank Blanquet

Frank Blanquet is Yucatec Maya born and raised in Hollywood California. An accomplished and award-winning writer, producer and director, he began his career in film as a cinematographer and editor of street style skateboarding videos. Blanquet graduated from Video Symphony the Hollywood Institute with a focus on post production and transitioned to documentary filmmaking soon after. His documentary film work began with a focus of historical accounts from an Indigenous perspective, giving direct voices to tribal communities and preserving the voices of elders for future generations.

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First Nations Experience - FNX - Distribution Partner
First Nations Experience (FNX)
Distribution Partner

FNX | First Nations Experience is the first and only national broadcast television network in the U.S. exclusively devoted to Native American and World Indigenous content. FNX strives to accurately illustrate the lives and cultures of Native people around the world.

Sealaska Heritage logo
Sealaska Heritage

Sealaska focuses on revitalization and preservation of Southeast Alaska Native cultures: Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian.